Internal mail services

For growing companies with only one external e-mail account, many companies may start to think of a mail service implemented in office to provide effective communication. But when it comes to details of the mail service, many of them may be surprised by the cost of installing expensive mail server to their companies or purchasing extra E-mail accounts.

True. But that is the case of external E-mail service, with everyone having an external E-mail account to receive mails from outside. Actually, internal mailing service is more important in small-to-medium companies, and there is workaround for setting up internal mail service with relatively reasonable investment.

This is how it works: by installing a linux-based server configured to carry out internal mail service and mail-forwarding, effective communication in office can be maintained while keeping investment to minimal.

Benefits from the mail service
What our internal mailing service solution can offer you are:
Individual Internal Email Accounts:
Everyone would have their own internal email account for internal email service.
Minimum internet usage:
By polling inside the intranet, the usage of the internet can be reduced to minimal.
Mail forwarding:
By configuring the Linux server, all incoming email can be sent to specific user accounts for further mail forwarding or storage by administrators.
Everyone can check and compose their email online using web browsers.
Backup files will be made by the server at regular interval of your choice.