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Web E-mail Server and You

As long as you are not living in the stone age of the I.T. world, you must have heard or use web e-mail services such as Hotmail. This is a giant leap in information technology. Long ago, e-mail can only be send and read from one specific computer. As the web e-mail service is born, users can choose a computer from anywhere in the world connected the Internet to read their mails.

However, the web e-mail service is not flawless. The first problem is speed, as the service is use by many, many user. Even though the ISP may be continually upgrading their facilities, the speed is still far from ideal.

The second problem is storage space. Just as the problem with speed, the disk space provided to each user must be strictly controlled in order to serve the many users of the service. For this reason, e-mails sent back because of the lack of storage space is not uncommon.

The third problem is the company image. Imagine if your name card states that your e-mail address is, what would your clients think about the size of your company. Today, our e-mail address should be

Therefore, if we want to use the advantage of web e-mail service while not suffering from the above limitations, the best solution is to set up a web mail server within the company. In the past (not so long ago, just three years!), this can only be achieved by large companies and it is only a far away dream of medium or small companies. Even the initial investment is already an astronomical number. Not to mention the need of IT professionals for maintenance (for reference, please read Zero Management Network - Is it an Ideal or Reality?). It is far from what a small or medium company can afford.

But today is different. As the technology advance and the use of penetration pricing strategy by some computer companies, the cost of a web server is now easily affordable by small and medium companies. Take the zero management network system provided by C & A Computer Consultant Ltd. for example, a few thousand dollars investment already include a web mail server and there is no need for maintenance. The improvement in efficiency and image quickly bring profit few times, or even few tens times of the investment. This is also a good example of the need for Hong Kong to walk into the world of knowledge. Old thoughts will soon be out of date. Knowing how to learn and use new knowledge will become the key of success.

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